PURGE XLarge - Multi-Process Washing Machine


The parts which will be washed are placed on a basket that is placed on a stainless rotary platform with sliding system are washed in a closed cabinet with high pressured hot and detergent water. The washing process is done through water nozzles which are timed and compressive according to part structure, dirtiness rate; they clean the waste, oil, and chip on dirty surfaces in various angles. Rinsing process follows washing process and completes the cleaning of the parts in the system. After cleaning processes drying process starts, which works with hot air and air jets. When all processes are done all parts will be ready for the next processes like packing, coating etc. PURGE XLarge has been designed for minimum consuming the water, detergent, electric, and time (work force) with cyclic and filtering water system.



  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Completely Manufactured with Stainless Steel Sheets and Components.
  • Stainless Steel Heaters
  • Part Observation Glass on Front Door
  • Stainless Steel Filtration System for Rinsing Operation
  • Cleaning Process Timing
  • Water Heating Control System
  • Water Level Control, Automatic Water Feeding and Water Heater Protection Systems
  • High User Safety Pneumatic Piston Driven Front Door Movement System
  • Door Drop-Down Protection System
  • Light Curtain Safety Barrier Protection System on Front Door
  • Developed for Minimum Water, Detergent and Electric Consumption
  • Minimum Water Consumption by Closed Circuit Water Cycling System
  • Heated Water (solution) Dispensed Through Jet Nozzles to the Part
  • Electrical Component usage According to CE Standarts
  • Electrical Leakage Protection and 24V Control Systems
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Strenghten Gear Driven Rotary Table


  • To wash motor blocks and parts
  • To wash any parts at bus, truck, automobile and work machines service stations
  • At the workshops which manufacture machining parts and oiled part.
  • At the firms which engine reconditioning and cylinder head repairing.


MODEL PURGE XLarge 1500 PURGE XLarge 1750 PURGE XLarge 2000
Basket Diameter ( mm. ) 1350 1600 1850
Loading Height ( mm. ) 700 800 900
Loading Capacity ( kg. ) 650 750 850
Washing System standard
Washing Tank Capacity ( lt. ) 400 400 450
Rinsing System standard
Rinsing Tank Capacity ( lt. ) 200 250 450
Pump Quantity and Power 3 Pieces x 3,0 Hp 3 Pieces x 3,0 Hp 4 Pieces x 3,0 Hp
Heater ( kW ) 7,5 kW x 3 Pieces 7,5 kW x 3 Pieces 7,5 kW x 4 Pieces
Electricity ( V/Phase/Hz ) 220-380-415 / 3-1 / 50-60
Process Timer ( min. ) 0-99
Working Temperature 0-90°C
Drying System optional
Loading Vehicle standard
Rotary Basket standard
Oil Skimmer ( Washing Tank ) standard
Filtration System ( Rinsing Tank ) optional
Touch-Screen and PLC Control System optional
Safety Light Curtain System optional
Liquid Level Control and Automatic Feeding System standard
Steam Extraction System standard
Door Drop-Down Safety System standard
AISI 430 Stainless Steel Body standard
AISI 304 Stainless Steel Body optional
AISI 316 Stainless Steel Body optional
Packing Size and Weight ( mm. - kg.) 1600 x 3000 x 2200 - 750 (app.) 1850 x 3250 x 2300 - 850 (app.) 2100 x 3500 x 2450 - 950 (app.)