KSP is the Best Partner for your Cleaning Problems with respect to

20 years of EXPERIENCE...

High Quality Machines

We are dedicated to improve our quality according to our customers needs and improving new technologies. By doing so we do not compromise our current quality and we are controlling our quality by ISO standards.

After Production

After production, parts needs cleaning before packaging, painting or oiling. Washing process differs according to parts shape, type, material used and post-process. KSP is the best partner that you can find for your washing processes. We are handling the all washing processes that your production line needs with our Engineering Team with respect to our 20 years of experience.

Engine Reconditioning

Before the engine reconditioning processes such as grinding, crack testing, painting; parts should be washed. KSP, specialized in washing systems, offers you the most suitable washing system. In addition, we have systems to solve your problems such as rust removal and paint removal to ease these processes. We develop the best solutions for you in engine renewal with our washing systems, grinding machines, test and maintenance equipments.

Precision Cleaning

Precision cleaning is a necessity in sectors such as medicine, optics, dentistry and aviation. With our Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems which are used for washing small or complex products, we can meet your every need at the point of precision cleaning. Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems not only provide precise cleaning, but also save time and energy. In addition, due to the fact that the cleaning chemicals used are water based, our systems are 'Eco-Friendly'.

Perfection by Design

KSP is using latest technologies and design programs to make machines' designs perfect. With respect to, experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineers, KSP can design any machine for any need. KSP tests their machines while on design with the help of SolidWorks Flow Simulations and Product Lifecycle Management.

Best Solutions for Parts Washing Machines

KSP have been serving to the engine overhauling industry with machinery and tools since 1998.
On these 20 years; we reached favorite spot on the international markets with our quality products and services. Our principle is continuously following market demands and to develop new products according to customer request. We show great resolution in order to cover our customer’s demands and finally we obtained good and considerable sales volumes.


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